// Eugenio Fabián Goszczynski - Construction Manager


Eugenio Fabián Goszczynski
Construction Manager

Civil engineer and surveyor (U.B.A.), worked at companies like Lendlease, Gaia engineering, DYCASA, SITRA and CODE, among others.

Specialized, in addition, in evaluating projects, Project Management, Management Control and Budgets. He has a long experience in Technical and Project Management.

Private developments where he worked include: S.C. Johnson & Son, Tango project (corporate offices building), more than 600 single-family homes, enlargement of the Cardiovascular Institute of Buenos Aires, industrial plant of Industrial trash at Gral. Pacheco, OCRABA headquarters (Autopistas del Sol). Warehouse at National Route 2, Aluar S.A., building maintenance steelwork at SIDERCA, casing channel SIDERCA, building ferroalloys SIDERCA, pavement drawing SIDERCA (campaign).

Public developments, among others: Dan Beninson building, Ezeiza, CONEA; 584 housing, infrastructure and equipment, “El Pozo“ urbanization, Santa Fe; 1,600 homes, community equipment and infrastructure, “Las Catonas“ urbanization, Moreno, Pcia. from Bs. As.; 1,289 housing, equipment and infrastructure, “centenario“ urbanization, Santa Fe; ” 278 homes industrialized, infrastructure and community facilities in the town of Rivera, Uruguay; 3,200 homes, equipment and infrastructure, set housing Soldati, C.A.B.A.; complex educational Barrio San Jose, Rafaela, Pcia. Santa Fe; PROMEBA – Bº “Roque González” in the city of Puerto Madryn, Chubut; PROMEBA – Bº “Pujol I” in the city of Puerto Madryn, Pcia. Chubut; PROMEBA – Bº “Pujol II” in the city of Puerto Madryn, Pcia. Chubut; Center of detention Formosa, Pcia. Formosa; Study of the downtown Federal prison Northwest Argentino I, General Güemes, Salta; study of Center Federal Penitentiary coast Arge.

In 2017 he joined S&A. He is currently managing an Urbanization in Buenos Aires for Bulgheroni Family Group.