// Jorge Lazo - S&A Mendoza Manager


Jorge Lazo
S&A Mendoza Manager

Architect for the University of Mendoza (Argentina) with + 15 years of experience. Masters degree in sustainable development (UTN) and Masters degree in Management and Financing Concessions and Project Management (European University, Madrid).

He joined S&A in 2017 to manage the Mendoza office.

It has wide experience in public and private construction projects. He worked as Project Manager (PCM) for Stieglitz constructions. Corporate buildings division, Buenos Aires. He was involved, among others in the following projects: Intensive care fit out for Austral Hospital, Pilar (1,600 sqm – $35 M), intensive care fit out at Favaloro Foundation (900 sqm – $17 M. comprehensive reform) Barceló Foundation construction (former Embassy of Uruguay) – (7,500 sqm, $67 M).

He served as Project Manager in quantum developments. Real estate and infrastructure, Buenos Aires – Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. Artworks: Be Nordelta, 96 Ugh, $ 175M; Complex Villa Martelli, 100 Ugh, $ 110M; Springpark pillar, 315 units, $ 380M; Housing Lagoon Pilar, 50 UUFF, $ 180M.

In Lendlease, he worked at BBVA Training Center project (archs. Enguita – Lazo de la Vega – Azpilicueta), La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain; The Aleph Residences – Des. Task Group (Arq. Foster & Partners), Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Marina Río Luján – Venice. Des. TGLT+M21 (Arq. DPZ + BMA + Mike Mc Cormack y Asoc.), Tigre, Bs As.; VIU – Grupo Cañuelas. Logistic & Distribution center, Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina; HSBC Bank Arg. Multisite, Argentina.

Post sales Manager at Grupo Monarca, responsible for 520 units  at Pradera de Santa Bárbara, Ribera Nordelta, Sendero Nordelta y Pasionaria San Isidro, Lago del Sendero Nordelta and  Avellaneda developments.

In Mendoza, he worked at the Guaymallén Municipality, Cerrutti-Carminati & Asoc. studio, Bodega Domaines, Acosta & Estudio Aslan, Ezcurra y Asoc. (Bs. As./Mendoza).

Regular teacher at Universidad de Congreso, Mendoza, Argentina.