// Ulises Miglio - Project Manager


Ulises Miglio
Project Manager

Licensed architect at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), where he also perfected new techniques of Production Design (BIM) and in Management, Planning, And Construction Management.

He worked as Coordinator in the area of special projects of the National Architectural Department of the Ministry of the Interior, Public Works And Housing.

At OCASA S.A. he was in charge of multiple projects in Buenos Aires, Salta and Córdoba (Warehouses).

He worked for OFICINA URBANA S.A. (projects in Buenos Aires and Pinamar UADE; urban Ribera (27,280 sqm in Neuquén) and group BEEME housing complex (supervisor works and projects).

He design the project, preliminary and Executive documentation of the hotel in La Boca (GCBA – Corporacion  Bs. As. Sur). Co-founded SUD for the development of Project Management by PB+4 contracts homes.

In 2017 he joined S&A, where he is now Managing the construction of the University Torcuato Di Tella.